We are an informal group meeting for about a dozen fungus forays each season (usually from September to late November) with an occasional spring foray. Forays are held in the beautiful woodland and grassland of the Thames Valley area: Berkshire, South Oxfordshire and North Hampshire.

Some sites are visited regularly: new sites are added every year and members are encouraged to suggest new places for the group to explore. Forays usually start in the morning and may end with a pub lunch, while some continue in the afternoon.

Our members range from mycology “experts” to those with little knowledge of fungi. Beginners are helped and encouraged to build up their fungus identification skills.

Children are especially welcome – we find lots more fungi with them to help. Well-behaved dogs are also allowed, but at some sites they may have to be kept on a lead. The foray walks are slow, relaxed, and generally fairly short, and physically gentle.

The Foray Leader compiles a list of fungi found on the site, with some specimens taken away for more detailed study. The final list is then sent to the British Mycological Society to be added to the national database. These records are then available to anyone for study and information. It is not unusual for the Group or individual members to find species which have not been recorded for many years, which are new to a site, or sometimes, which are even new to science!

There is an annual Newsletter to keep members informed about the highlights of those forays they missed.

If you aren’t sure about joining
just come to a foray or two to find out.
You will be most welcome.